Interior Decorating Can Be For Everyone

There’s a common phrase stating that “a man’s home is his castle.” While this phrase can certainly that a man is the ruler of his domain, one could also consider that statement from another angle. A castle, when brought to mind, is a beautifully decorated building that houses or housed a particular family. While most people do not live in castles in modern times, a person’s home to them can still be regarded with the same importance as the stone buildings of the grandeur of the past.

This love of one’s home can be displayed through the way they chose to decorate their space. The images that castles bring to mind are those of ornate tapestries and massives portraits centered around intricately carved furniture. This form of decoration was meant to show off the family of the house’s wealth and power. The modern homeowner doesn’t necessarily follow the same mindset when decorating their living space. Instead, people these days frequently use home decor as a way to show off their personalities and interests. The decor seen in homes nowadays isn’t solely used to show off how much money the family might have, and can instead showcase a much broader range of tastes and styles. Home decor can be an extension of the person or family, a physical representation of their idea of comfortable living.

A man’s home might be his castle, but the modern person doesn’t subscribe to the idea that their home has to be presented in one particular way. The variety of decor seen in modern homes can be used to get a better understanding of the people inhabiting that space, and the wide range of items available to decorate the home can be used to project a person or family’s personality, rather than centering the focus of their home around how much wealth they have acquired. And while the home might be one’s castle, the decorations of today are a better indicator of the inhabitants than any castle likely was.

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