Decorating 101

Decor is a crucial part of any residence or business even. Upon entry, most people would agree one of the first things you see is the decor of the establishment. Whether you notice consciously or subconsciously, there are places you are like “wow” as soon as you step a foot in the door, some places have a “homey” feel, some a more business vibe, some playful and colorful, some artsy and challenge your sense of good taste, some just a general comfort, some may even make you feel downright healthy,  while others you may feel an instant ambiance that seems to soothe you right down to your very soul. Decor can be used to set a tone, make a specific type of individuals feel welcome, or send a subliminal message to a guest.

While decorating is mainly cosmetic, it is equally as important that the function of the decor is heavily considered when deciding which pieces would be best suited for the location or situation. In my own personal experience, being a college student doesn’t exactly afford you with the opportunity to reside somewhere with a lot of living space if you pay your own bills unfortunately. With that being said when it comes to selecting the proper decor for smaller living space it takes a bit more efficiency. I find it best to choose decor that offers a lot of functionality over cosmetics.

Also it will be extra important to choose and arrange decor in a way that does not appear to make your living space become to cramped and cluttered, as I’ve learned a cluttered living space leads to a cluttered mind. With the many different types, different uses, and endless different choices of decor available one simply could not go wrong as long as they are able to identify their specific needs they wish to fulfill. Decor is a more crucial part of society then we often give it credit for. When it comes to decor there is no one size fits all but there are many sizes that fit one.

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