To decorate is to close your eyes, sculpt an image, and sprinkle pixie dust on the image you have just seen. Décor is a form of art that allows you to express yourself with no barriers or hesitation. The art of decorating is phenomenal in every aspect of my life. Throughout my home each room is an expression of who I am. My restroom is cocoa brown, dazzling gold, and black. The cocoa brown represents the majestic melanin that lives within me, the gold represents my angelic soul, and the black is representation for my bold beauty. Each color and fragrance of a room can set a tone. When decorating a room you must first know exactly what you want to feel once you enter the room.

When entering my restroom I want to feel free. The restroom is a place where I cleans myself from the residue of the outside world. I wish to feel peace and relaxation. The smell of my sweet cinnamon incense in the bathroom were perfect. The sweet cinnamon prepares me in the morning for what I may face once I enter society. Something as simple as the smell of a room can dictate the vibe. When decorating a room, all of my worries escape my thoughts yet, my heart races. I am excited to see the vivid images that I have only seen in my mind. I am always anxious to see the product of my thoughts with my own two eyes. In the world we live in today imagination is critical. The way society is seen is based on someone’s décor imagination. Modern day clothing, cars, homes, music, and so much more stem from the imagination of someone who saw an image in their mind.

A world without décor is no world at all. Décor matters within society because nothing in life is allowed to stay the same. There must always be a new style or a new form of expression. Society is built on the décor seen by unique individuals. Décor has shaped what we now know as history. History is simply, the past. As time elevates, so does décor. Throughout time, technology improves. Because technology improves, artist are given the resources to generate new décor trends. Décor is an art that began centuries ago, artist may have had a different imagination, but their image lives forever. Through the eyes of an artist, décor is all around.