Aztec Rugs Are My Favorite Home Decor Trend Lately

Adding An Aztec Rug Is A Quick Win For Your Interior Design Project

aztec area rug

I remember kissing in front of an Aztec rug. I remember that I pulled away and saw a circular soft-yellow fringe circling behind her head like a halo. I remember fondling the tapestry on my wall and recognizing the fibers dressed in indigo, I remember painting an evil eye on my door post after having an argument with my parents. To juxtapose our bodies with tangible art is a revolution and an acquisition of a present mind. Decor is the quintessence of such art which ignites in humans a universal desire to perform, to transfix our inner knots into colors suspended on a blank wall.

Decor is the development of stories; if I buy a scarlet Navajo carpet and bring it into my home, into my sacred space, I am bringing another individual’s piece of expression and bestowing my own interpretations onto it. I am displaying my feminine rage, my boldness, my passion, to strangers and family alike. I am telling them to love my red, feel embraced by my red. My red is your red. This is how I perform my intrinsic happenings, and I know that I’m not the only one. Aztec style has been rising in popularity recently so if you’re looking to buy an intricate Aztec rug then now is probably the time before they get even more popular and thus expensive.

Why did the ancient Egyptians need to etch their hieroglyphics into walls and create a permanent exhibit of their stories and beliefs? It was a testament to their identity, as is the strings of shells that my Tahitian mother keeps flowing over her bedposts to remind her of home. It is in this way that decor is a ubiquitous art, ever present. I believe that we are all exhibitionists. The swallow tattoo on my arm, the cross swaying from the taxi drivers rear view mirror, the bundle of dried lavender hanging on the wall that’s lost its scent in my best friend’s house: decor is yet another common factor among humans.

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