Area Rugs in Baton Rouge LA

Following a knee surgery and an emotional breakdown which I now affectionally refer to as my very own mid-life crisis, I resigned myself to my bedroom where I spent many, many long weeks until I was able to return to work. My bedroom has always been my sanctuary, the one place where I can shut off from the chaos that is my life. During my time of isolation I built many memories, most of them dark and painful. Other memories, the brighter ones from before the break lingered as well. When I began to emerge from the darkness I turned to my profound love for decor and design. I enrolled in art school to begin a second career & then I began the process of redecorating the space around me, focusing on my bedroom first. I created a new sanctuary, a place of comfort that no longer resembled the old space. Decorating change appearances but for me, it is also therapeutic and that is priceless. I plan to obtain a masters in preservation design with a minor in interior design. Preserving the past for the future is a beautiful thing. Creating spaces for people to admire, feel comfort, and create in is why I have chosen to make decorating a part of my life when looking for area rugs in Baton Rouge LA.

Why have humans throughout history desired to have beautiful things around them? Why is it so important that we hang pictures on the wall and place objects on tables? Decor matters because it expresses what kind of individuals we are, and gives us each a sense of self, as well as a sense of joy and happiness. It allows us to open up a whole new world of possibilities and gives us the potential to be better as human beings.

For example, I have noticed changes in my own decor over the years. My décor began early on as light and cheerful, representing my younger years and sense of childlike wonder. Colorful shades of blue, pink, and yellow created a lively atmosphere for the creative and imaginative child I was. As months turned into years, my decor grew darker, deep shades of blue and dark green, perhaps even a bit somber, representing my phase of mild depression and normal teenage anxiety. I rarely took the time to clean anything that I placed on the floor, and I never rearranged. This was a dark time for me, a time I thought I would never move past. Thankfully, times change, and my decor now represents my current state: calm, tranquil, and cheerful. Light shades contrast with other elements that reflect what I love – movies, flowers, family, light – and what my life passions are. The décor I have chosen to surround myself with truly represents who I am as an individual at this stage in my life, as it does for everyone.

Decor can be so much more than material objects; because decor gives definition, a sense of self and identity, to the people who display it. It defines not just a person or place, but also memory and emotions. It gives us the opportunity to change our state of mind and bring better benefits to ourselves. Decor is something that allows us to seek, discover and recognize who we are, and allows us to create a timeline of who we were, who we are now, and who we will be.


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