In January 2017, my husband and I prepared to sell our first home and find a new home.  We didn’t live in a great neighborhood and the area was kindly rough.  I knew that home wouldn’t be our forever home where we would raise a family and settle in and for that reason, I never decorated that home with meaningful items or beautiful pieces and rugs.  When we met with our realtor, the first thing he said was that staging and décor would make a great impact on potential buyers.  People didn’t want to see an overly crowded home with picture frames and greenery climbing all over the walls.  Nor did they want to see emptiness. He told us to lightly stage our home with “warm” and “welcoming” decor.

Initially, I told my husband it was going to be too much work to stage and find nice decor at a decent price.  I didn’t stage the house and it went on the market with only a few photos.  No buyers, not even a nibble or bite.  I realized if I wanted someone to buy our home they would need to see themselves in it.  So, I went down to our local home décor and crafts store and began to imagine what a warm and welcoming home might look like to a potential buyer.  I only purchased a few pieces and a co-worker gave me an area rug that brought our living room to life! Not to mention what a few flowers could do for a kitchen table.  We began to get offers and people came to see the house.  It sold over spring break for a price we were well satisfied with.  The profit allowed us to invest in a beautiful house we now call our forever home. Our forever home is decorated with items and pieces that never fail to be complimented.