Interior Decorating Can Be For Everyone

There’s a common phrase stating that “a man’s home is his castle.” While this phrase can certainly that a man is the ruler of his domain, one could also consider that statement from another angle. A castle, when brought to mind, is a beautifully decorated building that houses or housed a particular family. While most people do not live in castles in modern times, a person’s home to them can still be regarded with the same importance as the stone buildings of the grandeur of the past.

This love of one’s home can be displayed through the way they chose to decorate their space. The images that castles bring to mind are those of ornate tapestries and massives portraits centered around intricately carved furniture. This form of decoration was meant to show off the family of the house’s wealth and power. The modern homeowner doesn’t necessarily follow the same mindset when decorating their living space. Instead, people these days frequently use home decor as a way to show off their personalities and interests. The decor seen in homes nowadays isn’t solely used to show off how much money the family might have, and can instead showcase a much broader range of tastes and styles. Home decor can be an extension of the person or family, a physical representation of their idea of comfortable living.

A man’s home might be his castle, but the modern person doesn’t subscribe to the idea that their home has to be presented in one particular way. The variety of decor seen in modern homes can be used to get a better understanding of the people inhabiting that space, and the wide range of items available to decorate the home can be used to project a person or family’s personality, rather than centering the focus of their home around how much wealth they have acquired. And while the home might be one’s castle, the decorations of today are a better indicator of the inhabitants than any castle likely was.

Decorating 101

Decor is a crucial part of any residence or business even. Upon entry, most people would agree one of the first things you see is the decor of the establishment. Whether you notice consciously or subconsciously, there are places you are like “wow” as soon as you step a foot in the door, some places have a “homey” feel, some a more business vibe, some playful and colorful, some artsy and challenge your sense of good taste, some just a general comfort, some may even make you feel downright healthy,  while others you may feel an instant ambiance that seems to soothe you right down to your very soul. Decor can be used to set a tone, make a specific type of individuals feel welcome, or send a subliminal message to a guest.

While decorating is mainly cosmetic, it is equally as important that the function of the decor is heavily considered when deciding which pieces would be best suited for the location or situation. In my own personal experience, being a college student doesn’t exactly afford you with the opportunity to reside somewhere with a lot of living space if you pay your own bills unfortunately. With that being said when it comes to selecting the proper decor for smaller living space it takes a bit more efficiency. I find it best to choose decor that offers a lot of functionality over cosmetics.

Also it will be extra important to choose and arrange decor in a way that does not appear to make your living space become to cramped and cluttered, as I’ve learned a cluttered living space leads to a cluttered mind. With the many different types, different uses, and endless different choices of decor available one simply could not go wrong as long as they are able to identify their specific needs they wish to fulfill. Decor is a more crucial part of society then we often give it credit for. When it comes to decor there is no one size fits all but there are many sizes that fit one.

Aztec Rugs Are My Favorite Home Decor Trend Lately

Adding An Aztec Rug Is A Quick Win For Your Interior Design Project

aztec area rug

I remember kissing in front of an Aztec rug. I remember that I pulled away and saw a circular soft-yellow fringe circling behind her head like a halo. I remember fondling the tapestry on my wall and recognizing the fibers dressed in indigo, I remember painting an evil eye on my door post after having an argument with my parents. To juxtapose our bodies with tangible art is a revolution and an acquisition of a present mind. Decor is the quintessence of such art which ignites in humans a universal desire to perform, to transfix our inner knots into colors suspended on a blank wall.

Decor is the development of stories; if I buy a scarlet Navajo carpet and bring it into my home, into my sacred space, I am bringing another individual’s piece of expression and bestowing my own interpretations onto it. I am displaying my feminine rage, my boldness, my passion, to strangers and family alike. I am telling them to love my red, feel embraced by my red. My red is your red. This is how I perform my intrinsic happenings, and I know that I’m not the only one. Aztec style has been rising in popularity recently so if you’re looking to buy an intricate Aztec rug then now is probably the time before they get even more popular and thus expensive.

Why did the ancient Egyptians need to etch their hieroglyphics into walls and create a permanent exhibit of their stories and beliefs? It was a testament to their identity, as is the strings of shells that my Tahitian mother keeps flowing over her bedposts to remind her of home. It is in this way that decor is a ubiquitous art, ever present. I believe that we are all exhibitionists. The swallow tattoo on my arm, the cross swaying from the taxi drivers rear view mirror, the bundle of dried lavender hanging on the wall that’s lost its scent in my best friend’s house: decor is yet another common factor among humans.

Area Rugs Buying and Decorating Guide

With decor it also gives people to have a chance to show creativity by displaying different color schemes and angles that furniture can be set up and it adds personality to the room. It is something that can involve a lot of time and effort but can be a beautiful result after all the work is done. Also doing these kinds of things can involve a great amount of income sometimes but doing these things is making an investment in the quality of your house. Making these investments can add to the value of your home especially if there comes a time you are looking to sell your house this adds more value to the house. The outcome of doing different things to your house enhances everything from your personality to the value of your house and it lets you accommodate your lifestyle however you want. Decor for a lot of people can add different characteristics to each person the key is to understand how it can help you as a person be yourself and give you the confidence you need to become everything you want to be despite what others say. This is not just something to do but a way of life that can establish criteria for how you display yourself.

Happy decorating!

When my family moved for the first time into a new house, we quickly learned that having welcoming and desirable decor is what truly turns your house into a home. Throughout all of human civilization, people have lived in all kinds of dwellings. Whether they be caves, tents, igloos, gigantic mansions on the beach, farmhouses, or even a foxhole on the battlefield, the furnishings and decor in the place that we live in have a tremendous effect on our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Our society values decor that adds a unique and vibrant touch to a person’s home. This was no different throughout all of history. If you were to travel back in time and visit a cave that housed a family of our ancient ancestors you would experience a sense that they put time and creativity into the design and decor of their home. To transcribe stories they would paint their caves with the blood of animals. This gave them a sense of family, love, and memories. This is no different from how we pick out certain carpets, upholstery, and paint on our walls (of course we tend to not use the blood of animals). Some colors give a room a sense of professionalism, while others are more comforting and relaxing and allow our minds to unwind after a hard day at work. Whatever colors, designs, or patterns we ultimately choose for our homes, without them life would be boring and dull. We must pick what suits ourselves and our families best because, at the end of the day when all of your guests go home, we are the ones that have to live in our homes. Pick out decor that represents what you and your family are and what you bring to the world, but don’t think too much about it either. A home is a place where we shouldn’t have to think at all, just live! Happy decorating America!